Ethical and Fair Chase Hunting

We specialize in both rifle and bow hunting with specific concessions for both types of hunting.

We focus on spot and stalk hunts in both the bushveld and high veld (plains) biomes resulting in unique experiences and trophies.


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Antelope species available to hunt

Spiral Horned Antelope

* Eland (Cape)

* Kudu (Greater Southern)

* Nyala

* Bushbuck


Horse like Antelope

* Roan

* Sable

* Oryx (Gemsbuck)


* Mountain Reedbuck

* Reedbuck (Common or Southern)

* Grey Rehbok


* Black Wildebeest

* Blue Wildebeest


* Red Hartebeest


* Blesbuck  & * Tsessebe


* Grey Duiker

* Blue Duiker

* Red Duiker

Other Antelope Species

* Impala

* Springbuck

* Steenbuck

* Klipspringer

* Fallow Deer


* Bushpigs

* Warthog


* Cape Mountain Zebra

* Plains Zebra

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Wing shooting for Southern African Game Bird Species be it upland birds over trained gun dogs or waterfowl.

Game Bird Species available to hunt

Upland Bird Species

Doves and Pigeons

* Speckled Pigeons

* Red Eye Doves

Guinea fowl

* Helmeted Guinea fowl


* Natal Spurfowl

* Swainson’s Spurfowl


* Grey-winged Francolin

* Red-winged Francolin

* Shelley’s Francolin

* Coqui Francolin

* Crested Francolin

Waterfowl Species


* Spur -winged Goose

* Egyptian Goose


* Yellow – billed Duck

* White-faced Whistling Duck

* Comb Duck * White-backed Duck


* Cape Teal

* Red-billed Teal

* Hottentot Teal

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Fishing adventures and destinations around Africa.

We will set up a guided adventure to take you to some of the most remote and stunningly beautiful places in Africa with a fishing rod in your hand. We specialize in fly fishing and artificial lure fishing but if you want to test yourself against one of the big shark species of southern Africa with a rod and reel we will gladly assist.

Locations we can arrange groups fishing adventures:


West Coast of Africa (Gabon)

* Tarpon from the beach with the fly rod

* Monster Cubera Snapper

* Longfin Jacks in the lagoon

East Coast of Africa (Tanzania)

* Giant Trevalley op lures (popping and jigging)

* Dogtooth Tuna (Jigging)

* Blue fin Trevalley

* Amber jack

* Sailfish

* Dorado

South Africa

* Targeting big sharks from the beach with rock and surf tackle

(Fresh water)

Okavango Delta (Botswana)

* Tigerfish

* Sharptooth Catfish

* Nembwe bream

* Three Spotted bream

South Africa

* Tigerfish

* Sharptooth Catfish

* Largemouth Yellowfish

* Smallmouth Yellowfish

* Rainbow trout

* Carp

* Tilapia Species


Photographic and Cultural Safaris with our sister company GID Photo safaris.

We provide not only photographic destinations but also in-depth cultural knowledge in the areas regarding history cultures and current affairs to enhance your African adventure and experiences., pub-1584358087548674, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0