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THE SOUTHERN IMPALA  (Aepyceros melampus), pub-1584358087548674, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The Impala is one of the most dominant species found on the African savanna and bushveld. They can be found almost anywhere in Southern Africa ranging from southern South Africa as far north as Kenya.

Impala Ram

Impala is also able to adapt to different environments and depending on where they are they will graze on green grass but also browse on shoots and seed pods.

Impala is also the favorite prey for Africa’s predators like lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena and wild dogs. This makes the Impala a very nervous animal with lightning-fast reflexes they can jump distances of up to 9m far and 2.5 meters high.

Impala is found on most of our game ranches in South Africa and for me, they are one of the most beautiful antelope in Africa., pub-1584358087548674, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

I invite you to come and spend time around a campfire and a day with me bow hunting for a nice Impala ram.

Around the Bushveld TV


Checking bow on arrival

After traveling to your hunting destination its always good practice to shoot a couple of arrows to ensure they still hit the mark, it does not matter if you travel 200km or 40 hours to your destination, check your bow…

We will be out tomorrow morning before sun up and we will be going to an elevated blind where I have seen quite a few good rams come in to drink recently. So go slow on the giggle juice (beer)  tonight and if we have a successful hunt tomorrow we can celebrate tomorrow night with fresh Impala liver on the fire.

You said you were shooting a 450gr arrow out of a 70# bow…

Good, that will give you lots of penetration but most importantly you will have a quite set up. Bowhunters do not realize that sound travels faster than the arrow and an impala will react very quickly to a noisy bow it’s unbelievable. If your setup shoots a relatively heavy arrow it will help a lot to make the bow shoot quieter.

You don’t need an arrow at 330fps an arrow traveling at 250fps to 310fps is perfect.

Also, remember to check your arrows before you go to bed tonight. Make sure that all the fletching is 100% as they can make a lot of noise when the arrow is heading downrange.


Bushveld sunrise on the way to the hide

We move into the blind as I said before sunrise and we will not move unless we had a successful hunt or the sun is down again.

One of the mistakes many bowhunters make is that they are not patient enough and they want to keep on moving from blind to blind. If you move around from hide to hide too much chance a very good that you will bust the animals in the area and they will not come into the hide.

So be ready for a long relaxing day spending time close to nature.

Its 06:35 am and the sun is just starting to come up over the ridge and birds around us are starting to sing their morning praise songs.

What a beautiful start to a new day in Africa.

I am sure you are glad that you brought that extra thick jacket with because it can get pretty cold sitting in an elevated hide early in July.



09:32 look there is our 1st Impala coming in for the day.

Don’t worry about getting your bow now. Just relax and let’s see what they are going to do….

It looks like ewes and young ones. Let’s look at them and let them drink maybe the ram is hanging back to see if everything is fine…

12:04 and we have more impala coming into the water. Man, we struck the jackpot today coming to this elevated hide. It now just a matter of choosing the right ram…

13:11 where did this lone ram came from?







This ram is going to give us trouble…

Very nervous Impala Ram

Look how his tail is drawn between his legs like a dog… that’s a sure sign he is very nervous.

You can see that he also looks like a 100m sprinter in his blocks waiting for the gun to fire… It does not matter this guy will string jump the arrow.

It does not matter how fast your bow is. You will either have a clean miss or you will sit with a wounded animal…

He is also still a young ram. Let’s wait and see if his bigger brothers want a drink today.







Impala Ram at the hide

15:22 get your bow…

The ram on the left is a nice one. He is 19 yards away slightly quartering away but he still looks a bit nervous let’s give him a couple of minutes. I have a good feeling about this one…

15:25 are you ready? Take a couple of deep breaths and try to relax. You see there he goes to the other side of the water…

15:27 Get ready…

He is 23 yards away.

Draw, pick your aiming point and remember to follow through and enjoy the experience of bow hunting Impala…




If you would like to come and hunt Impala with the bow in 2020 with FFF Safaris please send us an email at to find out more.



Impala ram bow hunted

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