Problem Animal or Damage causing Animals Control

FFF Safaris (Gerhard) has been working on managing problems or damage-causing animals since 2005.

I believe that we need to manage our wildlife and habitat in the correct way and that this includes the management of problem animals that creates enormous amounts of damages not only for farmers but also in the natural habitats.

The moment wildlife is not managed correctly we lose control and this is what has happened with our smaller predators namely the black-backed jackal and the caracal.

In the Mpumalanga area, the caracal is not often a problem for stock farmers although it is classified by MPTA as a problem animal so with predators we focus mainly on the black-backed jackal.

The other damage-causing animal in the MPTA Ordnance is the bush pig that is responsible for enormous damage to cultivated crops in Mpumalanga.


Bushpig at sunset


From an ecological viewpoint, shooting damage-causing predators is one of the most selective control methods.

However, this is only effective if the hunter is experienced and knowledgeable.

I have spent countless hours at night in the veld learning and I am still learning each time I am going out how to effectively manage Blacked-backed Jackal.

One cannot even try to imagine the damage that an inexperienced hunter with a spotlight and rifle can cause.

Experienced problem animal hunters can effectively call predators and shoot only the problem animal species the Caracal and Black-backed Jackal.

It is truly unforgivable to shoot Bat-eared fox, Cape fox, Aardwolf, Serval, Civets, and African wild cats.

The effort should be directed to those predators that cause actual economic damage – the jackal and caracal.


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I provide the farm owner with a solution to manage the problem animals in such a way that they cause minimal damages.

I make use of the electronic calling method to call in the jackal, Identify it and then shoot it. This is the most effective way to targeting Blacked-backed Jackal and Caracal. I do not shoot any other species that might come into the call.

With Bushpigs I make use of baiting and stalking methods to destroy pigs in the cultivated fields.

If you would like me to assist you with the effective management of damage-causing animals or would like to find out more please feel free to contact me.

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I will provide reference names and contact numbers should you wish to speak to farm owners where I am busy assisting with the managing Problem or Damage causing animals should you wish., pub-1584358087548674, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0