Check List (Financial)

Before the Safari. (Confirm this with your Outfitter)

1. Gross Cost of the Safari (Hunter / Angler)$ ____________________
2. Gross Cost for Observers$ ____________________
3. Deposit Paid$ ____________________
4. Balance Due 60 days before departure$ ____________________


TOTAL$ ____________________
5. Trophy Fees, Bonus Fees$ ____________________
6. Charters and Taxis $ ____________________
7. Commercial Airfare $ ____________________
8. Taxes$ ____________________
9. Taxidermy work$ ____________________
10. Crating, Shipping, Import - Export Permits$ ____________________
11. Camp Staff tips (great incentive)$ ____________________
12. Hotels, Meals, Drinks, Snacks, Curios$ ____________________
13. Miscellaneous Expenses$ ____________________

Things to consider after your Safari

After the Safari before leaving camp, resolve on paper any payments, refunds, problems, promises.

Please confirm again your requirements for each trophy with the taxidermist and how you want trophy shipment to be done.

Please provide comments on your experience for FFF Safaris to improve the experience of our guests on safari.

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