Tips and Gratuities While on Safari

Many people have asked me in the past what they need to pay the PH’s, Trackers, Camp Staff at the end of a safari as tips and gratuities…

I hope the following will make things a bit clearer:

  • > You will need to pay for all tips while in camp to the Safari Operators, Professional Hunter’s, Camp Staff, Skinners, Trackers, etc. directly.
  • Please realize that your Safari Operator and/or Professional Hunter may have access to a financial institution, etc. but the trackers, skinners, camp staff, etc. do not always have that option.
  • Therefore, it would be advisable that once you enter the country you are hunting in, to go to the Currency Exchange at the airport and exchange the funds you will want to use for tipping into local currency.
  • You can use US Dollars but make sure you bring a lot of 5’s, 10’s and 20 dollar bills. Please note that $100 bills issued prior to the year 2000 have not been accepted in most parts of Africa for several years.
  • Please be sure you are issued newer $100 bills from your bank before departing on safari.
  • Unfortunately, traveller’s checks for tipping are also not an option.
  • Cash is the only way.
  • It is a good idea when starting the hunt to ask your Professional Hunter if a reward to the native tracker who spots the largest or more exotic trophies would be a good idea and acceptable to them.
  • It may add an extra incentive to the natives, but they will work hard for you as it is.
  • A $300 to $400 tip per week to split with the camp crew is customary.
  • The PH’s appreciate a tip too, but we suggest it only if they work hard for you – $500 to $600 per week.

Tipping is a matter of opinion, but generally, tipping inspires people to work harder for you.

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